Honda EX 5


Honda EX 5 - Colour

Honda EX5-RED Honda EX5-MALOON
Honda EX5-GRAY Honda EX5-BLUE





Multi Reflecor Head Light

Tail Light

Front Brake Disc


Body Design

Cast Wheel

Ergonomic Switch

Exhaust With Thermal Protector




Honda Wave Dash - Colour

Wave Dash - Luminous Repsol Orange 

Wave Dash - Vivacity Red

Wave Dash - Force Silver Metallic



Honda Wave Dash - Features

3D Leg Shield

Head Light with Halogen Bulb

Multi Function Speedometer

Double Disk Brake

Euro 2 Standard 110cc Engine

Tubeless Tyre

New Winker Design

Sporty Exhaust Muffler & Heat Shield

Sportier Tail Light




Honda Future MMC



Honda Future MMC - Colour

FMMC - Candy Scintillate Red

FMMC - Luminous Orange 

FMMC - Pearl Magellanic Black 



Honda Future MMC - Features

Front & Body Stripes


SGL Fuel Tank

Euro 2 Engine

Tubeless Tyre

Front Light

Tail Light






Honda CBR 250R


Honda CBR 250R - Colour


CBR 250R - Trico

CBR 250R - Black

CBR 250R - Repsol


Honda CBR 250R - Features

Dual Supersport Headlight

Digital Instrumental

Sporty Muffler





Honda CRF 250L


Honda CRF 250L - Colour - Extreme Red



Honda CRF 250L - Features

Comfortable Flat Seat

Digital Instrument Cluster

Lockable Toolbox at Rear Fender

45 Degree Steering Angle

Loading Hooks

Lightweight & Compact 250cc DOHC Engine

New Air Filter Design & Air Box

Semi-Double Cradle Steel Frame Chassis

Front Showa Inverted Fork & Hydraulic Disc Brake

Pro-Link Rear Suspension Hidraulik & Disc Brake

Headlight Visor





Honda CRB 1000RR


Honda CBR 1000RR - Colour

Pearl Sunbeam White

Victory Red

Graphite Black




Honda CBR 1000RR - Features

Second Generation HESD

Balance Free Rear Cushion

Powerful Engine c/w Optimised PGM-DSFI Setting

Full LCD Instrumentation

Big Piston Front Fork

Combined ABS





Honda Gold Wing



Honda Gold Wing - Colour

Graphite Black

Pearl Fadeless White



Honda Gold Wing - Features

Enhanced 150L Storage Capacity

Cruise Control

Improved Wind & Weather Protection

Unique Liquid Cooled 6 Cylinder Engine

Audio System with Surround Sound

Antilock Braking System (ABS)

New Seat Cover & Urethane Seat Material

Headlights with Sleek Gunmetal Finish

Remote-Control Keys Lock





Honda NC 700S



Honda NC 700S - Colour







Honda NC 700S - Features


Lightweight Cast 
Alum Whelels

Digital Metering

Dual Clutch





Euro-3 Std Gas Emission

Wide Tyres

Ergonomic Seats

Spacious Storage Compartment






Honda NC 700X


Honda NC 700X - Colour

Magna RED
Darkness Black Metallic


Digital Silver Metallic

Pearl SunBeam White



Honda NC 700X - Features

Elegance Frontage Dual Clutch Transmission Steel Diamond Frame Stoichiometric Analysis Fuel Saving Lightweight Cash Alum Wheels SDN Mode Button


Engine Prolink Suspension System Wide 17 inch Tyres Ergonomic Seats Spacious Storage Compartment  






















































































































































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