Kawasaki ER Series



Styling inspired by the Ninja supersport models gives the full-fairing ER-6f the look of a modern supersport with the comfort and easy riding of its highly acclaimed sibling, the ER-6n. The new ER-6f is not just all about looks, the 649cc, liquid cooled Parallel Twin has been tweaked to rev more quickly, adding to riding excitement and smoother response especially at low-mid rpm giving the ER-6f exceptional roll-on response, offering impressive passing performance.
A spin on the New ER-6f will be more than enough to convince any rider, beginner or experienced why the ER-6f will continue to be the most popular 650cc bike in the country.



Kawasaki 6R-EF Colour









Kawasaki 6R - EF Features

Fun, Sporty Street Riding Performance

Slimmer, more Compact Package Liquid-cooled, 4-Stroke Parallel Twin Under-Engine Muffler


Light, Nimble Handling Supersport-style Pedal Disc brakes  

Aggressive Ninja Supersport Styling

Tall Fuel Tank Compact Tail Design Double-pipe Frame Design


Adjustable Windscreen Aggressive Twin Headlamp Design Aerodynamic Full-fairing Bodywork

Easy Access to Street Riding Employment

Comfortable Seat Sculptd Grab Bars Easy Reach to the Ground


Rider-friendly Ergonomics Easy-to-read Instrumentation  Heat Management



The new Kawasaki ER-6n’s muscular and aerodynamic shape has been carefully refined down to the smallest details and is the result of the model’s natural design evolution based on the Kawasaki’s principles of continuous improvement. The engine is the performance proven torquey and responsive liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 8 valves, parallel twin and is paired with an all new chassis set up that rewards its rider with class leading handling and endless riding pleasure.

Kawasaki ER-6N Colour







Kawasaki ER-6N Featues


Slimmer & Compact Package Under-engine Muffler

649 cm3 Liquid-Cooled 
4-Stroke Parallel Twin Engine


Intake Ducts Light Nimble Handling Triple Petal Disc Brake


Double-pipe Frame Design Compact Tail Design Sharp Under-Cowl


Sharp Radiator Shrouds Tall Fuel Tank Aggressive Street Fighter Look


Ergnomic Passenger Grips Easy Reach to the Ground Comfortable Seat


Rider-friendly Ergonomics Easy-to-read Instrumentation Minimal Vibration

Kawasaki NINJA Series

Ninja 250

What does it mean to own a Ninja? It means being part of a brand that spans more than 25 years. It means feeling a connection to racers clad in Lime Green who push the limits of physics every time they go out to compete in championships like World Superbike and Asia Road Racing. It is pride in the knowledge that at your fingertips you have performance that comes from a long racing heritage. It is the thrill that come from precision control of a high performance machine, of effortlessly slipping past rivals – on the track, or on the street. For those hard-core enthusiasts searching for high-adrenaline exhilaration, it means knowing there is only one choice: Ninja – Kawasaki's embodiment of the ultimate motorcycle experience.

Ninja 250 Colour 








Ninja 250 Features

Ninja Styling

Modern Instrumentation Short-style Silencer 10-Spoke Wheels


Dual Headlamps Fuel Tank Floating Windscreen


Fuel-injected Parallel Twin Engine Circuit-developed Frame Dual Throttle Valves


Superb Heat Management Better Heat Dissipation Supersport-style PEtal Disc Brakes

Ninja ZX-6R


The most advance mid-size supersports model Kawasaki has ever produced, the New Ninja ZX-6R 636 is loaded with cutting-edge technology for even higher performance. Topping the technology list is a three-mode traction-control system similar to that found on Kawasaki’s flagship Ninja ZX-14R. This latest version of KTRC is said to be even more advanced than the S-KTRC system used on the current ZX-10R. The three KTRC modes, provides plenty of flexibility to suit a range of rider skills and road conditions.




Ninja ZX-6R Colour






Ninja ZX-6R Features

In-Line Four Engine High Performance Pistons Advance Technology -
Assist & Slipper Clutch


Ram Air Efficien Exhaust & Short-style Silencer Silencer Triangular Cross Section


Light Handling, Stability &
Chassic Feedback
Naturally Aggressive Ergonomics Triple Petal Disc Brake &
Monobloc Calipers


Easy-to-read Instrumentation Separate Function Fork - Big Piston Spring Rates & Damping Piston Setting







Ninja ZX-10R 


Ninja ZX-10R models have always pursued the highest circuit performance. To remain competitive, each iteration has offered more power and more control. Adding to this performance, the 2013 model features a new Öhlins electronic steering damper.
Introduced in 2011, Kawasaki's newest litrebike flagship features a new engine, new frame and new suspension. It represents the first complete redesign since the Ninja ZX-10R's debut, and offers a significant jump in base performance.
Designed to enable a greater number of riders to experience the thrill of riding a superbike at the limit, the Ninja ZX-10R is loaded with cutting-edge technology, like Kawasaki's predictive race-type traction control system (S-KTRC) and supersport-grade ABS (KIBS). And now with a new electronic steering damper offering precise damping control to further enhance handling performance, the Ninja ZX-10R is even better equipped to assist riders explore the limit.

Ninja ZX-10R Colour






Ninja ZX-10 Features

Redesigned Litre-class Supersport



New Aluminium Twin-Spar Frame Horizontal Back-link Rear Suspension Considerable Weight Reduction



New Engine with More Power Big Piston Front Fork (BPF) Revised Engine-chassis Package


Cutting Edge Tech & Race-quality Equipment

Electronic Steering Damper Back-torque Limiter Cassette Transmission


Triple Petal Disc Brake & Gravity Cast Wheel Hihg Visibility Instrumentation
c/w Race Mode

Ninja ZZR 1400ABS

Directly  descended from the original Ninja, Kawasaki’s newest flagship is the ultimate blend of Extreme Excitement and Everyday Versatility.  Not only is it the world’s fastest accelerating production motorcycle, but superb handling and balanced performance (care of advanced technology and numerous comfort features) ensure riders are equally at home carving up twisty roads in the hills, heading across the border to meet friends for lunch or deftly weaving through city traffic, as they are hurtling down the dragstrip.  The Ninja ZX-14R proudly stands at the head of Kawasaki’s Ninja line-up, but its almighty performance makes it the King  of All Sport Bikes.


Ninja ZZR 1400ABS Features







Dominant Sport Performance

Aluminiym Monocoque Frame Powerful Motorcycle Engine Back-Torque Limiter


Slippery Aerodynamics Sportier Handling Triple Petal Disc Brakes


Flagship Styling & Comfort

Larger-volume Tail Design Gun-Fighter Style Seat Dual Secondary Balancers


Superb Attention to Detail Imposing Styling Heat Management


Advanced Electronic Rider Aids & Technology

Multi-Function Instrumentation Increased Fuel Efficiency  

Kawasaki VERSYS 1000


Created as the long-awaited big brother of Kawasaki’s mid-size any-road street surfer, the new Versys 1000 is designed to enable the greatest riding enjoyment in the widest variety of street riding situations. Whether riding solo or two-up, around the corner or around the globe, its unique combination of a highly responsive In-Line Four engine tuned for flexibility, and a nimble chassis fitted with dynamic suspension will have riders grinning in their helmets. With the Versys 1000, Kawasaki extends its any-street promise to the litre-bike class.

VERSYS 1000 Colour







VERSYS 1000 Features

Any Time, Maximum Fun

Lightweight Aluminium
Twin-Tube Frame
Horizontal Back-link Rear Suspension Sporty 17" Wheels & Multi-Purposes Tyres


43mm Inverter Front Fork Relaxed, Upright-Riding Position In-line Four Exhilaration








Kawasaki 1400GTR ABS


Expertly mixing high performance and long-distance functionality, the 2012 Kawasaki 1400 GTR ABS inspires riders to pull out their GPS and enjoythe full capabilities of this sport touring motorcycle. Continuing the 26-year tradition of sport touring, the 1400 GTR offers just the right blend of technology, comfort and reliability for riders to take that dream transcontinental adventure. This sport-oriented tourer can go the distance and yet still negotiate the twists and turns of Malaysia’s coastal roads in fine, Ninja-inspired tradition. Through the highlands, over highways and even through the cities, the Kawasaki 1400 GTR ABS is a category-defining motorcycle.




14000GTR ABS Colour 










1400GTR ABS Gallery

Kawasaki "Z" Series

Z-750 Series




Z-750 Colour Options













Z-800 Series

Following the highly popular Z750, Kawasaki proudly presents the newest model in the Z family. 40 years after the birth of the original Z, the Z800 takes the Z design in an aggressive new direction. While the design of its popular predecessor may be considered somewhat reserved, for the Z800 designers were given free rein to pursue a more vivid expression of the Z brand for the mid-size class. Engineers were equally unconstrained when it came to engine and chassis design. With increased engine displacement and increased chassis performance delivering even greater exhilaration, the Z800 offers an exciting and expressive choice of ride that makes other options seem pale in comparison.




Z-800 Colour









Z-800 Features

Unleashed Design

Aggressive Styling Seat & Ergonomics LED Tail Light


17 Litre Tank Rider Point-of-View Under Cowls & Shrouds


Unleashed Performance

In-Line Four Engine Exhaust System Tubular Backback Frame


Suspension More Powerful Braking System Short Exhaust









Z-1000 Series


The most radical supernaked. In a significant departure from the concealing plastic bodywork of its predecessor, the new Z1000 strips off all unnecessary flourishes to boldly highlight the functionality of its parts. The sculpted bodywork was carefully crafted to bring the aggressive Z design to the next level. But the changes to the new Z1000 are more than skin deep. Kawasaki engineers were also determined to further enhance the riding impact offered by the dynamic Supernaked. The new engine and chassis settings deliver a stiffer, more direct ride feel sure to please experienced riders. This significant step forward, in both looks and feel, transforms the Z1000 into the market’s most radical Supernaked. Its appearance and performance can be expressed by the word sugomi.

Z-1000 Colour





Z-1000 Series Features

Sugomi Design

Sugomi Design Concept Condensed, Dynamic Form Intense Glare


Sugomi Performance

Sugomi Performance Concept Exciting Engine Intoxicating Intqake Howl


Radial-mount Monobloc Calipers Aggressive Riding Position Separate Function Fork -
Big Piston (SFF-BP)

Kawasaki Street Series

D-Tracker 150


For those seeking a nimble user-friendly bike with motard styling, the new Kawasaki D-Tracker 150 is the ideal choice. The D-Tracker dual sport is specifically tuned to deliver maximum on-road fun. Its 14-inch wheels, radial sport bike tires, a big front brake rotor and lowered suspension give it an air of purposeful aggression.

D-Tracker 150 Features

LED Head Lamp Stylish Design Tail Light


4-Stroke Engine Disc Brake Ergonomics & Easy Handling

D-Tracker 150 Gallery

D-Tracker X

The all-new D-Tracker X motorcycle is ready to rule with its unique combination of dual-sport engineering and special street-smart components.
The D-Tracker X adds a 10-hole fuel injector to provide greater throttle response for broader, smoother power and better fuel economy. The 17-inch wheels, larger front disc brake, radial sport bike tires, and lowered suspension help you master city streets. Add in pavement-friendly gearing and aggressive new bodywork, and the D-Tracker X becomes just about the best way for dealing with daily life - and having fun while doing it.


D-Trackert X Colour





D-Tracker X Gallery


Kawasaki VN Series

Vulcan 900 Classic


Discover the instantly recognisable lines of a legendary cruiser in the VN900 Classic with its slash-cut silencers and spoked wheels. Just one glance and you’ll appreciate the high build quality and craftsmanship for which Kawasaki cruisers are famous. This truly is middleweight cruising at its finest.

Vulcan 900 Classic Colour





Vulcan 900 Classic Features

Vulcan 1700 Classic

The newest edition to the Vulcan 1700 line-up, Kawasaki’s first bagger model follows a wide-and-low concept, its design flowing from the front to the rear of the bike. A number of blacked-out parts and numerous original-design styling components give the Vulcan 1700 Vaquero a hard, sporty image and its own distinct look. Further, it is loaded with high-grade cruising essentials, like Kawasaki’s advanced brake system K-ACT ABS, Electronic Cruise Control, and a high-spec iPod-compatible audio system.


Vulcan 1700 Gallery


Vulcan 1700 Features

Ride Performance



Frame-mounted Front Cowl 4-Stroke V-Twin Engine Comforable Ergonomics



6-Speed Transmission Long Range Chassis Design for Light Weight & Light Handling

Sporty, Flowing Bagger Style

Sculpted Fuel Tank Twin Tapered Mufflers Sleek, Lockable Side Bags


Integrated Dashboard Engine Shrouds Large Front Cowl & Windscreen

Top-end Tools for Cruising Comfort


Electronic Cruise Control Multi-function LCD ETV (Electronic Throttle Valve) System


High-spec Audio System
(i-Pod Compatibility)
Coactive Braking
(ABS Model Only)

Kawasaki W800 Series


The W800 is the result of a thorough pursuit of the beauty and ride feel possessed by vintage motorcycles. It offers a rare beauty care of components meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail, as well as a feeling of authentic quality that can only come from using metal parts. The throb of the air-cooled Vertical Twin engine, and the distinct handling character that comes with large-diameter wheels recalls the ride feel of machines from an older generation, gone but not forgotten. The W800, in both looks and feel, pays homage to Kawasaki’s legendary W1, the model that started a brand that spans 45 years.

W800 Colour






W800 Features

Classic Beauty


Traditional Instrumentation Sulpted Fuel Tank Classic Seat Design


Abundant Steel & Chrome Elegant Muffler Design Striking Engine Design

Vintage Ride Feel

Air-cooled Vertical Twin Engine Brakes Large Diameter Wheels


Lightweight Double-Cradle Frame Original W Telescopic Front Fork & Dual Rear Shock Absorber

Kawasaki KLX 250 Series

Riders seeking enduro handling and modern engine performance in a dual purpose motorcycle designed for comfortable street and off-road riding will find that the Kawasaki KLX250 offers serious capabilities in a fun, easy-to-ride package, regardless of where the adventure takes it.

KLX 250 Colour & Gallery

Kawasaki KLX 150S Series








KLX 150S Colour & Gallery








Kawasaki VN II Series


VN II Series Gallery


Kawasaki KSR 110




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